A Defining Moment for Everyone.

Hypnobirth has gained recognition around the world as an empowering and positive process that gives women more control of the birth experience. The reason for this is because it helps women to become confident by developing awareness of the natural unconscious resources they have available to them.

Hypnosis greatly reduces the pain of labour and childbirth. Sometimes it can eliminate or reduce the need for drugs. It can also minimise the need for doctor-controlled interventions. Studies have also shown that it shortens birthing and recovery time, allowing for better and earlier bonding with the baby. This has proven to be hugely beneficial to the mother and her child. What’s more, parents report their infants sleep better and feed more easily when they haven’t experienced birth trauma.


But Fear Itself

The birth process is one of those events that everyone has a story about. Often these stories are loaded with fear and horror. Our culture teaches women to fear birth as a painful and unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, as a result of that, the fear creates three physical reactions in the body – tightening of the muscles, reduced blood flow to the birthing muscles, and the release of  hormones which increase the pain and discomfort of childbirth.

Hypnobirth training will help you prepare positively for your baby’s birth. It will also help you understand the impact that your thoughts can have on your experience with the birthing process.
Hypnosis offers mum, dad and baby a more serene and calm start in life – often avoiding  post-birth symptoms of trauma.